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ETOGAS is the Power-to-Gas market and technology leader

  • ETOGAS designs and builds PtG turn-key plants based on its own, proprietary technology to convert renewable electricity into hydrogen (H2) or synthetic natural gas (SNG) and excess H2 into SNG.

PtG principle and application

  • PtG is a disruptive technology for building a smart energy ecosystem based on renewable sources.
  • PtG allows the conversion of volatile electricity into renewable, synthetic gases (H2 or SNG) which can be stored, transported and commercialized for green mobility (synthetic fuels) and industrial markets (green chemistry).
  • PtG adds flexibility to energy systems and thus enables efficient integration of high shares of volatile renewables into energy markets at low costs. PtG facilitates this by creating a connection between the two large existing energy networks, the power grid and the gas grid with its ample storage and transport capacity. Since the gas grid can be continuously recharged without having to wait for it to discharge first, using PtG allows to generate electricity at some point of time somewhere and to sell it in the form of synthetic fuel anywhere and anytime.
  • PtG facilitates the production of valuable synthetic fuels with unmatched low carbon footprint - as of October 2014, SNG and H2head the EU commission list for low GHG fuels with 3.3 gCO2eq/MJ for SNG  and 9.1 gCO2eq/MJ for H2.

ETOGAS at a glance

  • ETOGAS designs and builds multi-megawatt PtG turn-key plants based on its proprietary technology portfolio comprising water electrolyzers and methanation systems as well as balance of plant.
  • With close to 7 MWel installed, ETOGAS is leading the PtG market since 2009.
  • The products based on proprietary technologies are addressing all existing PtG value chains and are bundled in three cost-optimized turn-key plant packages:

    - Power-to-SNG (combined electrolysis + methanation)

    download product data sheet

    - Power-to-Hydrogen (stand-alone electrolysis)

    download product data sheet

    - Hydrogen-to-SNG (stand-alone methanation)

    download product data sheet

  • The Company is backed by Aster Capital, the venture capital arm of Alstom, Solvay and Schneider Electric, as well as VENTREX Automotive, a leading supplier of CNG-components for the automotive industry.

ETOGAS Highlights

Turn-key PtG Plants
for Utility Scale Applications

  • ETOGAS covers the entire technology supply chain of a PtG plant and all phases of a turn-key PtG project, from business case consulting, technology and plant concept, to engineering, construction, and commissioning / start-up.
  • The current PtG platforms are offered with a capacity of 1.2 MWel and are scalable to
    2 MWel, 10 MWel, 20 MWel and 50 MWel.

Superior Proprietary Electrolysis
and Methanation Technologies

  • ETOGAS’ proprietary technology is specifically designed for the requirements of volatile renewable electricity supply: minimized cost (CAPEX and OPEX), highest efficiency and full dynamic intermittent operation.
  • Pressurized alkaline electrolyzer: world largest cell stack capacity,
  • Fixed bed plate reactor with membrane methanation: High-efficiency (up to 99% CH4 output), with standard heat interface and high tolerance regarding variety of CO2 sources.

Experienced Team

  • Team has proven capability to execute multi-million € projects on time and on budget.
  • Results oriented management team with extensive technical and operational experience.

Industriestrasse 6
D-70565 Stuttgart, Germany

Managing Directors
Dipl.-Ing. Gregor Waldstein MBA,
Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Karl Maria Grünauer

Phone: +49 711 2296 45-00
E-Mail: office@etogas.com